I am selfemployed

One becomes self-employed to chase a dream, the other does it because there is less and less work in paid employment in his industry. Whatever the reason for you, you will in any case get more freedom. But also more to think about, because financially you suddenly have to take care of your own beans.

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As a self-employed person you have to deal with different taxes and premiums, deductions and
subsidies than as an employee. For example, you have to charge VAT (turnover tax) and pay it to the tax authorities. You also have to pay a premium for the Health Insurance Act.

Private versus business

Keep private and business separate. Separate your paper administration and do the same on the computer. Are you going to borrow money for your company? Be aware of the possible
consequences for your private finances if you run into problems with repayment.


As a self-employed person you have to arrange your own insurance. Not only for yourself, now also for your company. The insurance policies that you have taken out privately do not cover you when doing business. Depending on your type of business and your financial situation, it may be useful or mandatory to opt for legal assistance insurance, disability insurance for the self-employed and/or professional liability insurance.

Pension provisions

As a self-employed person you are usually responsible for your pension provision. So think carefully about (the accrual of) your pension and your survivor's pension.

At the retirement age you are in any case entitled to an AOW benefit. For many people, this is a lot
lower than their previous monthly income. Employees are also often entitled to a survivor's pension. This is a benefit for surviving relatives. As a self-employed person you have to arrange this yourself. Check carefully whether your dependents can continue to pay the costs if you should die.

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